Digital 300x

Digital 300x
I want to connect my camera through an audio cable?

I am trying to connect my camera to my computer using an audio cable. My camera is a Sharp VL-NZ50 Digital Viewcam 300x zoom. is there anyway I can connect the audio to the camera and to the pc?
Windows XP Home SP3.

You can't upload any DV video using that cable. Try this..

a miniDV vcam (also, Digi-8) must be DV~Firewire400 ~IEEE1394* cable-connected to a pc or mac to upload video thru video editing** or capture application while vcam is ON PLAYBACK. Most (digital) tape vcams have 4-pin DV ports; BUT before cable* purchase, check computer for DV port {VCAM@4-pin=>firewireCABLE=>PC@ 4pin? or 6pin?}. If none, install firewire card: pci for desktop or pcmcia / express for laptop.
* <<How to make a Movie

Some options to share your movie:
a. Upload to YouTube
b. Burn to DVD disc: use DvD authoring app (DvD Maker; Nero; DvD Flick, etc)

Upgrade to intermediate video editing** application accdg. to need & skill level


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